Welcome to our Loyalty Programme which awards 1 point for every $10 you spend. You are automatically joined into the programme once you register as a customer, so there’s no need to take any additional action. You can track your points by visiting your account details page and you can spend your points any time and without any minimum point balance.


Every 100 points will give you $1. Your current balance of Points will always be visible at your account page as well as during checkout.  There is a “Apply Discount” button during checkout. If you wish to redeem your points, simply click “Apply Discount” and your final balance will be recalculated.

Remember, you need to have spent over $100 after any discount code has been applied, to quality for delivery (delivery fee $10). For free delivery, you have to have spent over $200 after any discount code has been applied.


  • Refer a Friend – Get 100 points
  • Make an Order – Get 1 point for every $10 spent
  • Create a Store Account – Get 100 points